What is a Webcam, How it Works | Best Webcams of 2023


What is a Webcam: In this age of technology most of the works are being done online using different technologies. Webcam is one of these technologies that helps you in many of your works viz; video conferencing, video chatting, recording videos, taking photos etc.

What is a Webcam?

A Webcam also known as ‘web camera’ is a type of video camera that streams or record video and images. Webcam is a digital camera connected with a computer and uses computer network, such as internet for real time streaming.

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Basically Webcams are small cameras that sit on a desk and attached with user’s computer. Now days most of the laptops and desktops come with inbuilt webcam and microphone. You always have a choice to add a separate webcam at any time as per your requirement. Webcam is popularly used for video chat session that involves two or more people for conversations with live audio and video transfer.

What is a Webcam, How it Works | Best Webcams of 2022


Use of Webcam

Webcam is popularly used for video chat over the internet using telecommunications application such as Skype. Video conferencing for virtual meeting with the employees living across the world has become very easy through webcam. In this time of pandemic when most of the people are working from home, webcam played very important role in virtual meeting so that work can be done smoothly. Other popular uses of webcam include security surveillance, computer vision, video broadcasting, video recordings etc. Most of the YouTubers use webcam to record their videos and live stream their videos.

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Technology used in webcam

Webcam software enables its users to record or stream video and images and send live pictures to another location through internet.  Webcams typically include lens, image sensor and other support electronics. This may also include microphones for recording of sound. Support electronics in webcam read the image from the sensor. Later these images transmitted to the host computer by support electronic.

Best Webcams of  2022

Below are some cheap and best webcams that you can use for personal and business purpose.

Logitech C920 Webcam

This is one of the best webcams with 1080p HD resolution with other features like Background removal, Low-light correction, 720p/60fps video while streaming, Stereo audio, autofocus, auto light correction.

Razer Kiyo Pro Webcam

This is one of the best webcam for streamers with 1080p HD resolution and Variable FOD, smart exposure and focus, detachable cable.

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Logitech StreamCam

In my opinion this is best webcam for content creation with 1080p HD resolution and Smart auto-focus and exposure, AI-enabled facial tracking, 9:16 format, built-in electronic image stabilization, USB Type-C connectivity.

Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000

This webcam is one the best webcam for skype with 720p resolution (1080p recording and 720p live video calling)p resolution and Colour correction, noise cancelling features.

Razer Kiyo

This is best all in one webcam solution with 1080p HD resolution and Ring light, Compatibility with OBS and Xsplit features.


There are many more variety of webcams with different price range are available in the market. The above webcam are good in my opinion. You can choose any of them or any other what you prefer.

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