WhatsApp Group Admins should get this right

WhatsApp Group Admins  should get this right 

WhatsApp has become most popular messaging and content sharing app in the recent years. People use WhatsApp for chatting, sharing photos, videos, and documents etc. WhatsApp also provides facility to create a group with maximum 257 members where members and Group Admin can share text messages, photos, videos, documents in the group.

WhatsApp Group Admins should get this right

What right should extend WhatsApp to Group Admin

If any member of a group sent a message then only he can remove the message for all group members. Presently admin can not remove posts from the WhatsApp group. However it is required many times to remove some posts from group. Lets see when it is required to remove content from group.

When it is required to remove content from WhatsApp Group

Many times some members mistakenly or willingly send inappropriate content in whatsapp group. Many times these types of post show vulgarity which are not accepted in the group. In such cases it is required to remove these post from the group. But presently there is no provision to remove such post from group for every member by Group Admins. However the sender can delete the same for all member.  Thus WhatsApp should give this right to group admin so that they can remove inappropriate content form group for all members.

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Presently WhatsApp Group Admin has rights to add or remove members in the group. They can also change settings for messages whether only group admins or all members can share photos videos message etc. in the group.

WhatsApp is improving it’s services day by day and this issue must have been noticed by the WhatsApp team. Hope in coming days they give more rights to the group admins so that the can delete inappropriate content from the group for all members.

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