Business Idea 1: Earn money by providing online services

Business Idea 1: Earn money by providing online services

I am started here a series of business idea for youths to empower and aware them about many ways of making money by working online and many time offline. It help youths to become independent and grow in future.

The first topic of business idea that I have selected is providing various service which are required by every age person from students to retired person and from farmers to labourers.

How to earn money by providing online services

There are many online service which are required by for every person of the society. By helping these people we can earn a lot of money by just opening a Service Providing Centre.

From students to retired persons and farmers everyone need some online work to be done. They don’t have resources to perform these works. Even many times they don’t know what is the process for doing these online works. In that case they go to the people where they get there online work completed.

For example: Students need to apply for various Government Jobs Application forms. But in the remote areas, even many times in the cities they don’t know how to fill up online form. In such cases they go to cyber cafe type centres to get filled their online.

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Business Idea 1: Earn money by providing online services


What online services you can provide

There are many services that you can provide to the needy people. Some of them are listed below:

Services related to students

1. Online Application forms for Admission in School, College, University

2. Online Scholarship Forms

3. Various Online Forms for Government Jobs

4. Downloading Admit Card for various exams.

5. Checking various results

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Services related to all citizens including Students, Farmers etc.

1. Online Application for Birth/Death Certificate

2. Online Application for Caste Certificate

3. Online Application for Income Certificate

4. Online Application for Domicile Certificate

5. Online Application for Various Schemes for welfare of farmers

6. Online Application for Ration Card

7. Online Application for Voter ID

8. Online Application for PAN Card

9. Online Application for E-Shram Card

10. Online Application for  LPG connection

11. Online Bill Payments such as electricity bill.

There are many other things which you can include in your work if you have spare time. I think these service are enough for the office with 2 person.

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Infrastructure required for opening office for providing online services

  • Physical Office
  • Office Furniture
  • Laptop
  • Internet Connection
  • Colour Printer
  • Electricity and Inverter

In addition to this there would be some more things that are required for this business which you can arrange very easily.

How to be successful in online service providing business

Continuous efforts with honest intension to do something makes everything possible. After starting your business do focus on it. Customer friendly behaviour is very import for a successful business. Always focus on quality service, never charge more any service, do work on time. These are some strategies that you can apply to grow your business and become successful.

Hope you liked this Business Idea on How to earn money by providing online services.

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