What is Multiplex Ads | Important changes to Matched content

Google Multiplex Ads | Important changes to Matched content

On November 24, 2021 Google announced that Matched content ad units will now be renamed as ‘Multiplex ads’ and these Multiplex ads will only show ads. Multiplex ads will start from 1 March 2022 which will boost earnings of publishers.

What is Multiplex Ads ?

Multiplex ads are changed and advanced form Matched Content ad unit which will show only advertisement. Matched content ad unit shows a combination of ads and articles to promote your content to visitors. Now its advanced form which is Multiplex ads will show only ads and thus increase the revenue of the publishers. Multiplex ads will start showing from 1 March 2022.

What is Multiplex Ads | Important changes to Matched content

From Matched content to Multiplex ads

Originally Matched content ad unit was launched as a recommendation service to help website owner’s  in promoting their content to site visitors. Further It also came with the option to show ads alongside the links to your content to grow publishers revenue.

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Due to very less usage of matched content unit for content promotion and based on customers feedback, Google has decided to turn down content promotion service through matched content and convert all existing matched content units as multiplex ads to show only ads. These changes will also be applicable to matched content units that have turned off the option ‘Monetize with ads’. This mean all matched content ad units will be changed as multiplex ads and show only ads.

What we need to do for multiplex ads

If you want to show multiplex ad units where you are using matched content units then you don’t need to do anything. Your all matched content units will work as multiplex ad units from 1 March 2022 and will start showing only ads.

But, if you don’t want to show multiplex ads then you need to remove the Matched content code from the pages before this changes implemented.

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Eligibility for Multiplex ads

Google is re-branding Matched content to “Multiplex ads”, to align with the ad format that’s available on Google Ad Manager. For the matched content there was eligibility criteria fixed by google. Now after re-branding matched content as Multiplex ads, Multiplex ads will be available to all AdSense publishers.

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