How to be successful blogger | Successful blog tips

How to be successful blogger | Successful blog tips

How to be successful blogger: If you have interest in blogging and want convert your passion into your business then you are at right place. Here I am going to tell you how to become a successful blogger. Successful blog tips will include the method which you should use to become a successful blogger. These successful blog tips are based on my own experience. Lets see what is the perfect way to become successful blogger.

First I am going to tell you my own story about blogging and how I get success in blogging.

My first successful blog

Till now, I have experience of blogging for more than 4 years. When I was persuing my graduation, I just heard about earning money online through Youtube and Blogging. But to start a youtube channel we need at least one best quality mobile phone that I don’t had that time. So I thought to start blogging as my writing skill was also good. I started my first blog in the year 2019. After writing 8 to 10 article I applied for adsense but it was rejected due to some reason. I become demotivated and left blogging for at least 2 month. I checked why my adsense application was rejected watched some youtube videos in this regard and I again written 2 articles. After few days I applied for adsense and this time it was approved within 2 days. I just started writing one article daily for approx 15 days but it was not ranking on google and we get only few post views. I again left the same as I thought that blogging carrier is not good.

After three month I decided to write 4 articles in a month whether it is ranking on google or not I will write. After 3 month of writing articles I saw an increase in website traffic and revenue also. It made me motivated and I started 3 more website and asked our friends to work with me. Presntly I am working on 5 website with my friends and earning good some of money to live a lavish life style.

During this journey of my blogging life I learnt many things for becoming a successful blogger which I am going to share with you.

Choosing the niche

When you want to start a blog, the first thing what you have to do is, choosing best niche for your blog. Niche or subject of your blog should be as per your knowledger and interest. Focusing on high CPC niche might be not good if you don’t have knowledge and interest in it. So always choose the subject or niche of your blog where is your interest and you have knowledge also. You can read our article ‘How to choose best niche for your blog‘ to better understant why choosing best niche is important to become a successful blogger.

Power of Consistency in blogging

Power of consistency is most powerful tips for becoming a successful blogger. If want to become successful blogger you have to be consistent in your blog. You have to be consistent in writing new articles. You may choose your date and time when you want to write a article and write at least 4 article in a month or one article in a week.

Google promote articles of those website which are updated regularly. So try to write as many as you can. However it is not important many article without caring for quality. Only write as many as article which you can easily write without compromising with quality.

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Content Quality for successful blogger

Unique article is very important for successful blog but unique means not only that doesn’t contain copyrighted contents. Unique article means such articles which your readers found helpful and they could not get such content anywhere else. If you provide good quality content your readers will visit regularly in search of new articles as your content is unique and very helpful for them.

Choosing best platform for revenue

If you want to earn money from blogging, you should choose only one or two monetisation platform. Choosing many ads platform and too much ads on website make your website less interesting for the readers.

When you have good reach on content and your readers come back again and again, many other companies and websites owner will also contact you for direct advertisement. Then you make a direct deal for advertising. In such cases advertising through link insertion is best way where you can charge good some of money for inserting a link on your website.

Do not spam for creating backlink

Many new blog writers focus on making backlink. They think that making backlink will improve thier website reach but in the meanwhile they forget that making backlink through wrong way increase spam score. When your website’s spam score become high then your website will not rank on google. If you want to know how to create high quality backlink then you can read our article ‘How to get dofollow backling for free from here‘. Always focus on quality content, if your content is high quality people will refer your content and you will get dofollow backlink free of cost.

Successful Blog Tips

Let’s summarise these points to become a successful blogger.

  • Choose best niche as per your writing interest and knowledge.
  • Consistancy is key of success, write regularly new article, at least once in a week.
  • Quality content is best key of success. Always write quality content which will attract your readers.
  • Choose best platform for monetisation. Choose only one or two monetisation platform.
  • Do not spam for creating backlink only focus on quality content, this will give you dofollow backlink.

Practicing these tips will make you a successful blogger. When you will come in this field you have to learn new things everyday and you should also impliment these in your blogging carrier which will open ways to become a successful blogger.

Hope you liked this article on How to be successful blogger, successful bog tips and you benefited from it. You may also like below article which is very helpful for blogging journey from here.

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